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We repair all types of Pentium & AMD Motherboards including Chip Level Repair...
* Desktop Motherboards (VIA, SIS, INTEL & NVIDIA Chipsets)
• No Display
• No Power
• Cant Install OS (Windows)
• "Blue screen of death" (Blue screen errors)
• Dead Systems
• Dim display
• Freezing System
• System getting hung
• Keyboard control section problem
• Memory control section problem
• Audio not working
• USB port not working
• Serial port not working
• PS2 port not working
• CD Drive control section problem
• Hard disk control section problem
• SATA control section problem
• CMOS not saving (Date time Not Saving)
• Computer Starts then shuts off right away
• Bios Updating
• Overheating issues
• Computer system won’t boot up
• Computer restarts after its turned on repeatedly
• Computer is not responding
* Laptop Motherboards
- No Display
- No Power
- DC jack repair
- LCD / LED screen replacement
- “Blue screen of death” errors
- System freezes
- Keyboard Not functioning
- Over heating and shuting down
- Noisy CPU Fan
- Motherboard repairs and replacements
- Virus removal
- Blank scren after powered on
- Long beeps after system is powered on
- After Shutdown or Restart no display
- Hard drive replacement & more...
Soldering & Desoldering of Motherboard IC’s, Transistors, Diode, Fuse, Capacitors, Resistors

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